I had a late night last – not because I was getting pissed or laid, but because I absolutely had to finish a book. Rock and Roll. The book was Pompeii by Robert Harris, a novel set in the four days around the eruption of Vesuvius that buried the ancient Roman city so famously, along…… Continue reading Pompeii

Most Haunted Series Four – #5

Well, last night’s episode was somewhat disappointing. The team disappeared off to some caves in West Wycombe, a set of man-made tunnels as used by the Hellfire Club for all sorts of debauchery. Derek was spot on with most of his spiritual-related facts, and there were a few weird noises, Phil felt sick and there…… Continue reading Most Haunted Series Four – #5

Most Haunted Series Four – #4

This week the “intrepid” crew visited Croxteth Hall in Merseyside. It’s an impressive building, the biggest one that Most Haunted have ever visited, and so they had to spread themselves out a bit to cover a lot of ground. There wasn’t a huge amount happening this week, aside from lots of mysterious bumps in the…… Continue reading Most Haunted Series Four – #4

Most Haunted Series Four – #3

Last night’s episode was set at Jamaica Inn, one of the more famous landmarks for a while. It’s a lovely old building with a history of numerous hauntings. Happily, the crew had much to discover on their investigations this time. It’s debatable how much of the bumps and noises were paranormal, but there was plenty…… Continue reading Most Haunted Series Four – #3

Charmed Times Four

I think that I’m wrong in the head. I actually sat down and watched the Living TV Charmed catch-up this afternoon, that’s four episodes of the supernatural “drama” all in a row. And get this – I actually enjoyed it! I know it’s cheesy, the girls can’t really act, the effects are pretty lame, the…… Continue reading Charmed Times Four