I think we’re alone now

Anyone remember Tiffany? I certainly do. She made quite an impression on me when I was a teenager, although maybe not the one that you’d think. Of course I fancied her. Everyone did, but the one thing that I remember the most from those heady 80’s days was how utterly, utterly shite she was. I’m…… Continue reading I think we’re alone now

Alias season four

I finally caught up with the end of Alias season four at the weekend and I have one thing to say: bloody hell! OK, maybe I have more than one thing to say. I love Alias, and not just because Jennifer Garner is top of my list (Ben Affleck you lucky, lucky bastard). It’s such…… Continue reading Alias season four

Angels and Demons

Castel Sant’Angelo Originally uploaded by rutty. With my internet at home temporarily (I hope!) defunct I’ve resorted to doing other things with my time. I’ve actually got through a large proportion of my ironing (well, no-one else is going to sodding do it), watched some TV and started reading again. The book I’m reading is…… Continue reading Angels and Demons

Robert Jordan

One of my favourite authors, Robert Jordan, has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease called amyloidosis says tor.com. He’s written the expansive fantasy series The Wheel of Time, something that I’ve been reading for what seems decades. Whatever happens, I really, really want him to finish off that series although after ten volumes so…… Continue reading Robert Jordan

JCB Song

I don’t normally try and keep up with any of these modern beat combos, but there is one song at the moment that is really catching my eye. The JCB Song by Nizlopi has to be one of the finest songs released this year, and I’ve just seen the video on MTV Hits. How bloody…… Continue reading JCB Song

Ethel Rethor

Above is a touristy screenshot I took while playing my current obsession (well, other than boobies) World of Warcraft. It’s sad I know, but it’s keeping me off the porn. I’m finding the whole game totally immersive and am playing it rather a lot, to the detriment of all those little things that I need…… Continue reading Ethel Rethor

World of Warcraft

OK, so I’m officially sad. Or rather, I’m officially a saddo as I’m now hooked on World of Warcraft, the deviously addictive and immersive MMORPG from Blizzard. I’ve been playing the Final Beta (for free) for the last week or so and they took the servers down last night in anticipation of the retail launch…… Continue reading World of Warcraft

Half Life 2 Deathmatch

This game has me hooked. I just love running around dying a lot, which is often the case, but this evening I’ve been sat at my PC (after band of course) shooting away and have a right old time. Last night was a cracker though. We were whittled down to two of us left on…… Continue reading Half Life 2 Deathmatch

Half Life 2

I ordered Half Life 2 from Amazon on Saturday and it arrived this morning on my doormat. I installed it (eventually) and gave it a go. I was awestruck at the beauty of the thing. Even on my Athlon XP 2200 with a Geforce 4 64MB graphics card machine it looked absolutely stunning. I’ve never…… Continue reading Half Life 2

A Hat Full of Sky

I’ve just finished this book yesterday. It was so good that I only took a couple of days to read it – Terry Pratchett must be one of the most consistantly funny authors around. I have no idea how he does it. A Hat Full of Sky is supposed to be a children’s book, but…… Continue reading A Hat Full of Sky