Asleep In The Deep

I was mightily impressed with Mastodon’s most recent album. It was heavy, yet melodic; an impressive feat and one of my favourite recent purchases. Check out their vide for Asleep In The Deep – it’s NUTS:

Chico, Chico the Rainmaker

Some things remain in the memory for a long time. I have no idea why but one Children’s Film Foundation series really buried itself in my psyche: Chico the Rainmaker. I remember going along to our local cinema (The Lounge in Headingley) to watch the matinée screenings. This was one of my favourite programs for…… Continue reading Chico, Chico the Rainmaker

You know when you’re getting old…

…when you start listening to BBC Radio 2. Let’s get this straight – I’ve not started some habit-forming addition to the radio station or anything, it’s just that I’ve listened to it once. And I kinda liked it. I’d dropped my girlfriend off at some friends’ house in Manchester yesterday. She’s off to Morocco (without…… Continue reading You know when you’re getting old…

Queensryche – Silent Lucidity

I’ve been listening to some quite heavy stuff this week, but not matter where my current musical tastes lie I can always fall back to this song: I think I’ve posted a different version of this very song before. It remains my favourite track of all time. I love these guys!

The X Factor – another nail in the coffin of original music

Last Saturday night millions of UK viewers tuned in to see Leona win the third series of The X Factor, probably the most popular, and influential, talent show around at the moment. Now, Leona is a real talent. She has an incredible voice and immense potential and I’m pleased that she’s won this competition. However,…… Continue reading The X Factor – another nail in the coffin of original music

Ragnaros at last

Ragnaros Originally uploaded by rutty. Some games get a little addictive. I suppose you could say that I’m just a little bit addicted to World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing this thing for over 2 years now – I started in the Beta stages of the game’s development too – and I just can’t seem…… Continue reading Ragnaros at last


I’ve just been watching Eurosport while I was waiting for the nice Gritish Bass man to fix our central heating. There was football on, a lot of football. I got to watch a bit of Celtic versus Benfica followed by Spurs against Besiktas. I don’t often get to watch much football so it was nice…… Continue reading Eurosport