Using Selenium

Using Selenium

There’s an increasing need to use automation to assist with our testing. We are about to launch into developing a huge, new system that interacts with all sorts of existing systems. This is an off-the-shelf application (which will require limited testing itself) which is to replace some existing systems, expand the capability of current users…… Continue reading Using Selenium

RIP Alan Rickman

It’s been a bloody awful start to 2016 for celebrity deaths, hasn’t it? Two giants of the British entertainment industry gone with days of each other, both 69 and both had cancer. Alan Rickman made even some pretty iffy films watchable (see Robin Hood) by his immense presence and always-entertaining delivery. He’s done some incredible…… Continue reading RIP Alan Rickman

A Lemmy

Today I am toasting one of the greatest rock musicians of all time: the one and only Lemmy. I am having a large ‘Lemmy’ – Jack and Coke. Rest in Peace Lemmy, you utter genius


Anyone that knows me understands my view of beer; life is too short to be drinking shitty, tasteless toss. I much prefer to spend a little bit more money on the good stuff. I don’t mind the style, country of origin or its ABV – if it’s good, I’ll drink it. So, I was chuffed…… Continue reading Beer