Alias Season Three – completed

At last, I’ve finished watching Alias Season Three. After a marathon session starting on Saturday afternoon, I eventually watched the remaining 12 episodes just before midnight. Just about every single episode was brilliant, with shocks and surprises aplenty. Jennifer Garner was gorgeous throughout, even after getting beaten up by Korean Guards and wearing a dirty,…… Continue reading Alias Season Three – completed

Lucid Dreaming

I’ve always wanted to be able to control my dreams, to be able to walk among the landscape that my mind has created and change things at will. I always dream in colour but my dreams are chaotic and don’t stick with one storyline for very long at all. I probably don’t have the mental…… Continue reading Lucid Dreaming

Just in case

I really like my current job and I hope that I’m going to be doing it for quite a few more years to come, but as my company is about to be taken over by a larger, more successful competitor then I suppose I’d better update my CV. Mine still says that I’m an RAF…… Continue reading Just in case

Prestatyn here I come

Tomorrow evening I shall be setting off in the direction of North Wales for the “delightful” holiday resort of Pontins in Prestatyn. I know it’s a funny time of year for a short break but this is for a good cause – the Pontins Brass Band Championships – where I’ll be playing Lorenzo as a…… Continue reading Prestatyn here I come

43 Things

I’ve come across this really interesting site called 43 Things. It’s a goal-oriented monster blog, or so it seems, where people enter their life goals, however trivial or life-changing that they may be, then blog about it on the site. If you sign up you can even configure it so that it automagically cross-posts it…… Continue reading 43 Things

My lip is weak

I’ve been playing my cornet now for over thirty years. This seems like a long time, bloody hell it really is a long time, but there are still plenty of things wrong with my technique that I need to sort out. My two main problems relate to stamina and my upper range. I really don’t…… Continue reading My lip is weak