Cat Stranglers

I normally detest everything about bagpipes. I think that they’re generally horrible to listen – like an argument amongst a clowder of cats.

However, I do have a thing for that classic Scots tune Highland Cathedral and I can just about put up with the screechy cacophony long enough to enjoy something like this:

I’ve played it enough it times with the RAF Waddington Voluntary Band back in the 90s, along with a single piper. It’s a lovely piece of music.


Toxie has reminded me of that other great use of the bagpipe – a certain track by those old buggers AC/DC:

I love that old tune too

By rutty

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  1. I’m with you Dave the only time I like this is when we play it as a massed band at the Royal Marines Volunteer Band festival. Though it has to be said that the pipers and drummers are usually pretty pished by the time we get to that stage of the festival!

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