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Casa Loma

Casa Loma

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Yesterday saw us taking a little trip to a “Castle” in the posh end of Toronto – Casa Loma. This is the most grand house in Toronto and the closest that they have to a Stately Home being the young nation that they are.

It’s very interesting although visitors to the likes of Chatsworth are going to be a bit underwhelmed. The house was built by the owner of the local electricity company when he had a ton of money – then he lost it all due to Nationalisation and other issues and it was taken off him. Now it’s owned by a charitable organisation and open to visitors.

We bought our City Passes here so that we can save money on attractions while we’re here. It’s like pre-paying for the likes of the CN Tower before you go, so we’ll be heading to the Zoo, Science Centre and Art Galleries to get the most out of it before we head home.

We had a fantastic breakfast before we headed up to Casa Loma – we had eggs in this amazing egg-related restaurant called Eggspectation. I had an eggcellent Californian Benedict that incorporated smoked salmon and spinach into the most gorgeous breakfast I’d had in ages. It’s near the Eaton Centre and I’d heartily recommend going there for a meal.

Later on in the day we headed down to the Harbourfront to drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade and take pictures of sparrows and pigeons.

The weather looks like it’s going to be heating up by the weekend so sunburn here I come!

  1. dude, wtf are ya wastin all yer time on culture aspect of yer trip? i know for a fact, that toronto is loaded with strip joints, take some damm pics of them!
    btw, if ya get to the sundowner on lundy lane in niagara falls, dont mention my name, but it is the best nudie joint in ontario.

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