Car fixed. No more sucking.

My local car mechanics eventually came back from their extended Easter Holiday and they’ve fixed my car. It was the Catalytic converter as expected. Apparently it had completely collapsed – no wonder my engine was all choked up.

It cost me £204 and I had a bit of a discussion with the garage owner over Visa transaction charges. He wasn’t there when I initially wanted to pay, so one of the mechanics phoned him up when I offered to pay by Visa. Eventually this guy suggested that they’d have to either charge me an extra 17% to use my card or perhaps I’d prefer to use my debit card or cash. I don’t bloody think so! I said I’d come back and pay later.

It’s too late in the month for me to have £200 laying around in my account, so naturally I have to use Visa for this. The owner was there when I got back so we discussed this transaction charge. He seemed to suggest that he was doing me a favour by offering to allow me to use my credit card rather than cash or debit card. Well, excuse me, but surely it’s an essential service in a garage to have the option of paying by visa? He said he didn’t know how much the transaction charge would be so when his mechanic phoned up he just “guessed”. Well, he went off to find out how much the charge actually was and it turned out to be £4.20. Well, that’s 2% not fucking 17%.

I paid and left. As good service I’ve had from these guys before I can’t honestly say that I’ll be going back again. At the moment cash is tight and I need to be able to pay by Visa without having an argument. There’s another garage closer to work that I’m sure would be pleased to service my car next month.

By rutty

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