I’ve installed a new Movable Type plugin called Scode – this enables me to add a CAPTCHA to each entry. This means that I now have an extra layer of spam protection. Anyone leaving a comment now has to enter a security code before the message will be accepted – scripted spam bots will not be able to read this extra field and so I’ll have fewer junk comments to clear out every day.

I know there are accessibility issues with this, so I apologise if anyone with a screen-reader or other partially-sighted people find it difficult to leave a message. My site statistics haven’t revealed much screen-reader activity so I’m hoping that this won’t be a problem at all. Plus, I don’t get a massive number of comments anyway – sorry to those that do leave one. I hope it’s not going to put you off leaving little insults as usual!

There are a couple of issues that I’m already aware of. The error message that it gives you when you don’t enter a security code is a bit shite – I need to work on that. Plus, this won’t work on Trackback spam, and I get more of that than anything else. Most of the anti-trackback stuff I have installed just moves the spam into a junk folder – I still have to go through it every so often just in case I have a false positive. I get hundreds of spam trackbacks every week – they’re a pain in the arse, but at least they’re not getting published.

Still, thanks to Arvind for putting this plugin out there. I’ll give it a go and see how it works for me.

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