Canadian Bacon

I’ve arrived in the lovely city of Toronto in one piece. The flight over, with My Travel, was nice and comfortable although I refused to buy the headphones (two pound fifty – robbing bastards! – can’t figure out how to get a bloody pound sign up on this keyboard) so I read, and finished Ben Elton’s excellent book Past Mortem instead. Other than that, it was a good flight.

I attempted to stay up latish last night so I didn’t suffer too greatly from jetlag, and I managed to stay awake until 9pm when I reallu had to get to bed. I slept like the dead and got up ten hours later once the kids had roused themselves from their slumber. Noisy buggers.

I’d had plenty of sleep though, so I feel pretty good today. This morning say me go out for a buffet breakfast with my brother-in-law Phil and one of his mates. For $10.99 I stuffed my face with a combination of sausage, bacon (those odd crispy strip type bacon that they seem to favour over here), chicken (roasted!), eggs, beans, those little potato square things, some shredded potato stuff, tomatoes and pancakes. I followed that with some fruit (might as well have eaten something healthy) then yoghurt, a bran muffin and some banana cake. Plus as much coffee as they could pour into my cup. I’m so going there again – Golden Griddle breakfast buffet rocks my socks.

Then this afternoon we’ve been to some book event down town. There were all sorts of stalls there, some annoying Canadian children’s TV presenter doing a show with puppets (from TVO channel), lots of public readings and some semi-famous authors signing books and chatting with people. It was rather interesting and we managed to get some Christmas presents sorted out for the kids – might as well save on the postage across from the UK.

Tonight might involve some beer and maybe a curry. I’ve taken plenty of pictures today so I’ll put some up later on.

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