Canada is cold

Here I am in Toronto, home of the Maple Leafs and Blue Jays, whatever they are. It’s bloody cold, but I have access to a fridge full of beer and there are plenty of take-away menus to hand.

My flight out was pretty good. I flew with Air Canada after arranging the fair through, who were the best part of 200 quid cheaper than Expedia (there’s no pound sign on this bloody Canadian keyboard!!!). They had much more leg space than any other airline I’d ever flown with, though they’ve skimped on the entertainment a bit – no individual screens and only only one film.

The film was good though, and one I hadn’t seen before – The Bourne Supremacy. Hardly brand spanking new, but an entertaining film.

I was hoping to get to sit next to some hot, single filly during the trip, and when I boarded the plane I could see this attractive lady about my age sat next to where I thought my seat was. Unfortunately I ended up on the row behind her next to an 84 year-old called Theo. Thankfully Theo was a delight to talk to – this incredible woman took and passed a Theology degree when she was 82! We had a really good conversation or two on the way over.

I arrived and got through immigration and customs without any problems. My brother-in-law Phil picked me up from the airport and took me back to their house. It was fantastic to see my sister for only the second time this year and my youngest niece for only the second time ever. Both nieces seemed a bit bemused by this strange man in their midst, but they’ll soon get used to me.

We had a little drive into town today, done a little shopping and generally had a bit of fun. I can’t say I’m a big fan of kids but these two are growing on me, though I’m still pretty sure I couldn’t handle one full time – I’ve got three weeks with them, so we’ll see if they get tired of me first…

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