Broken the Flickr API

You may have noticed that this site had an outage last week. This was a scheduled server move and my hosts moved all my files across to a new server. I then had to update my DNS settings for my domains so that everyone could see my site again.

This worked OK, on the whole, but I’ve found that I can no longer blog my photos from Flickr and I’m buggered if I can find out why. It’s the same with the automagic links posts I get from – they don’t work any longer either.

It’s weird – all my files are in the same place! The permissions are set correctly and the server has the required software installed for this to work. But, it doesn’t. Flickr thinks that I don’t know the path the cgi-bin – which I do – and my posts just silently fail to do anything.

I’ve been meaning to change the layout of the site for a while, and perhaps set up a proper photoblog, so perhaps this is a good time to do so. Expect some changes soon, and hopefully one or too more posts than I’ve been doing lately.

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