Briton shot dead in Saudi

A British man has been shot and killed in the Saudi capital Riyadh – you can read the story at the BBC site.

This story has a lot of relevance, and some sadness, to me. This man works for the same company as I do, and even though I don’t know him personally it seems worse (to me anyway) that this man has been murdered. They’ve killed one of our own.

I’ve also worked for a while in Riyadh, along with a few other parts of Saudi Arabia, while I was in the RAF. It’s hard to believe that this sort of thing is getting so out of hand in a country that seemed so “safe” such a short time ago.

These al-Qaeda sponsored attacks are madness and I don’t see any immediate end to it. We can’t give them what they want and they’re too blinded by their own religious intolerance to give an inch. Where will it all end? How do you fight something like this?

It makes me sad and angry to see what a complete mess we’ve got ourselves into.

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