Boundary Bay

Vancouver has a reputation as a wet, miserable part of Canada. The weather does seem to be similar to the UK – it was raining when we arrived and the forecast for the local area is suggesting more rain. It’s just like home!

Luckily for us yesterday was sunny, if a little chilly in the wind. We decided to take a walk down to Boundary Bay, a local nature spot. Jen mentioned that we might get to see some bald eagles down there plus a few ospreys and other hawks.

Vancouver from Boundary Bay

The place was just chock full of some of the most beautiful birds you could imagine! On our recent holiday to Scotland we were hoping to see some eagles but the buggers were rather hard to find up there. Over here, in the Bay, we were hard pressed to look in any direction and not see any.

The eagles tended to stay a good distance away, on the most part, but then we had the pleasure of seeing this little beauty right in front of us:

Eagle Eyes

He wasn’t as large as I expected, so perhaps this was a youngish bird but what a gorgeous eagle! He flew right past us and perched in this tree. I was able to stand right underneath and get this photo while he was surveying the local area for lunch. I waited for quite a while in the hope that he’d take off again but it seemed he was having an extended break from hunting and amateur wildlife photography.

We left him alone and headed back. I shall most certainly be going back there though, as we were also lucky enough to see some blue herons and plenty of hawks of varying sizes. The Boundary Bay area is a great photographic setting – there are some houses facing over the water and you can see downtown Vancouver in the distance with the impressive mountain range behind. It was a little hazy but I’ll be sure to get some more photos over our stay.

The evening presented a different sort of challenge. We went bowling, but were only able to get a lane with five pins and not ten. Apparently there was an “elite” evening, whatever that is, and all the ten-pin bowling lanes were spoken for. Still, five was fun but it seems a lot harder than with ten! Especially when I was drinking some of the local brews while trying to do so. The bowling alley is attached to a local brewery pub and I have to say that the beer was generally quite excellent. Very good for North American standards and far nicer than the usual crap you get from macro-breweries. I particularly enjoyed the Nut Brown Ale, Extra Special Bitter and the Stout, although my head is not thanking me today!

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