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Ruby has been breast fed for her first four months. Whereas this is great for her (and mum) this has presented a little problem. She’s been refusing to take a bottle and this obviously restricts what Jo can do of an evening – if she can’t leave me with her of an evening then she’s stuck at home.

We’d tried everything: different bottle types, cups, spoons, formula & expressed milk. She’d have none of it, preferring only the boob.

Action was needed. We’ve kept in touch with our ante-natal class group and one of the girls has been bottle feeding for most of the time due to latching-on problems with her daughter. She offered to take Ruby for an afternoon so that she could spend some time encouraging her to take a bottle.

Up until this point Ruby had taken about 10ml of expressed milk with much crying but to our surprise Tracy managed to get her to take 60ml of formula. There was a bit of a battle but she did at least take it. Result!

I fed her in the evening, where she took about 40ml, then Jo fed her later with a bottle and she took a little bit more from her. There was much belligerance from our stubborn little daughter but we could see progress.

This was yesterday. Today, we met with the ante-natal group girls (and me!) at a local play centre (Denz, in Beeston). Jo took a bottle with her and apologised to everyone for the anticipated screaming before feeding Ruby. To our utter surprise Ruby took the whole bottle without any complaints, as can be seen in the photo. You could have knocked us down with a feather!

The intention is to maintain breast feeding for a while but to introduce some bottled milk too. Ruby won’t take expressed milk from a bottle so we’ll have to use formula, but at least I can feed her now and Jo isn’t obliged to be around for feed times.

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