Boooooob the Builder

I’ve just been watching Bob the Builder. Not because I enjoy watching children’s TV, but as a consequence of being in the same room as a three year-old and a one year-old.

It would appear that those dastardly Americans have insisted on re-recording the voices with Yankee tones rather than the dulcet output of Neil Morrisey. Bastards! Strangely, they’re too lazy or inept to redo the theme tune though.

There’s no need! TVO show a number of other programs all made in the UK with the original British voices – one of which has the excellent Mark Williams in.

Still, I’ve been inundated a bit with kids telly recently. The bloke in Blue’s Clues really should get his jumpers from a decent shop, Barney the Purple Dinosaur should suffer a painful and slow death while Dora the Explorer may just turn out to be a bit of a hottie when she grows up.

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