Bookmarks for March 2nd through March 4th

  • Technology designed to ‘attack’ us | Platform – Open University

    In a talk at The Open University on Thursday 26 February, Canadian activist, blogger and science fiction author Cory Doctorow stated that technology needs to stop enslaving us and instead start working for us.

    In his talk, which was hosted by the Centre for Research in Computing and was entitled ‘Freedom and technology: who’s the master?’, he pointed out that everyday objects and services, such as laptops and mobile phones, Oyster cards and ID cards – have been designed to ‘attack us’. In other words, they have been designed to stay open in order to capture data about us, therefore making us vulnerable to attack – rather than working for us and keeping us safe from attack.

  • 7 reasons why Apple should make a netbook

    The economy’s tanking, everybody’s broke and even high-end brands are feeling the pinch. Apple, we’re told, is the BMW of tech – but even BMW is finding it hard to sell its stuff.

    In computing, netbooks are a rare spot of good news in an otherwise bleak market. So should Apple make one?

  • Ten Things You Don’t Know About the Sun

    It’s a vast, mighty, seething cauldron of energy, and even though solar astronomers have studied it for centuries, there’s a lot about the Sun that’s still not understand. And if they don’t get it, then I’m pretty sure that you’re unaware of one or two things about it too. I’m fuzzy on one or two (or a thousand) things about it myself.

    So here’s my list of stuff you may not grok about our nearest star.

  • I hate Jenny McCarthy – Opinions

    Model/actress/“mother-warrior” Jenny McCarthy has spent the past several years doing her level best to convince new parents not to have their children vaccinated. To be fair, evaluating medical information using nothing but Jenny McCarthy’s brain must be a little like running an Olympic wind-sprint while dead, but excuses are meaningless; as I’ll note in a moment, the consequences of her intellectual dishonesty are simply far too high to forgive.

  • Was it a kind of bad dream?

    Art Garfunkel’s Bright Eyes, the biggest UK hit of 1979, entered the singles chart for the first time 30 years ago on Tuesday.

    Entering the lower reaches of the chart initially, the song, written by British composer Mike Batt for animated rabbit fantasy film Watership Down, eventually reached number one on 14 April.

    The song famously features in the darkly psychedelic film after character Hazel escapes death after being shot by a farmer.

  • Muse get classical on fifth album

    Muse’s new studio album could see them move away from their traditional rock sound to create a more “orchestral”, classical offering.

    Frontman Matt Bellamy said: “There’s some really brilliant songs coming out, some of our best material I think.”

    The follow-up to 2006’s Black Holes And Revelations is expected later this year coinciding with an Autumn tour.

  • WordPress Gallery Tutorial

    I’ve seen a lot of people who use WordPress asking how to create a gallery similar to the one on Matt Mullenweg’s website ( using nothing but core WordPress functionality. Fortunately, it’s much easier than it looks and with just a few simple steps you can have a gallery of albums and images up an running in no time

  • ‘I thank the universe for the good stuff’

    Writer and actress Meera Syal has starred in Goodness Gracious Me and The Kumars at No 42, and has published two novels, Anita and Me and Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee.

    The actress, who was born near Wolverhampton in 1963, has spoken to BBC News about religion and spirituality.

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