I’ve been reminded by Toxie that my main interest is in the study of boobies, and so I’ve amended the image at the top to be more representable of this. It’s an artistically rendered and slightly filtered robbed image of a certain famous ex-Russian tennis player’s assets. Lovely.


I could have just gone for some nipple-action but I figured I’d be more subtle than that for a change. Plus my Mum might see this site.

I’ve also sorted out an issue I had with my TypeKey authentication not showing up on the comments form. This was all due to the newness of the new version of these 3.2 Movable Type default templates I suppose, in that an upgraded blog doesn’t appear to generate the require mt-site.js file for the TypeKey stuff (among other things) to work. I had to make another blog and copy this template over from there. Once I’d done that, all was happy. I did have to update my TypeKey settings (again!) to include the trailing slash for the two blogs that were supposed to configured with it.

The new system looks excellent, and once they’ve ironed out these teething troubles I think it’ll be much improved. It was already very good before.

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