Bloody WordPress!

Would you Adam and Eve it?

I’ve been a little bit slow to update WordPress since a new version came out a few weeks ago. Well, I went on holiday and everything so I had far more important things to be doing.

So, yesterday I decided to actually go ahead and get it done. I’d downloaded and extracted the upgrade earlier and uploaded the files to the server, overwriting the older versions.

Well, that’s what I wanted to do. Seeing as I’m now on my iMac I’m using this thing called Cyberduck to FTP my files to my hosted server. Cyberduck isn’t the most elegant or feature-packed FTP program in the world but it works, which is nice seeing as Apple don’t seem fit to provide one with OSX. Why, Apple, why?

Anyway, Cyberduck doesn’t really provide me with anything like enough information when things go wrong. For instance – my wireless connection can be pretty flaky. I’m fairly sure that this is to do with my Sky-provided Linksys router, but who knows? Leopard has been know to have wireless issues, but our XP laptop often drops its connection too. This is a problem when FTPing large quantities of files across the ether and I have to keep reconnecting my FTP program every time it fails.

I eventually uploaded everything but my site was completely trashed, giving an error message regarding one of the included files. It seems that WordPress does not upgrade very elegantly at all, something that Movable Type has a big advantage with. Once you start uploading your files your site is screwed! Movable Type bypasses this by having static files (if you configure it that way) so you can update your backend without affecting your site at all. WordPress? Toast. For hours, considering how long it took to upload all my files, and then it was still broken after some important includes somehow broke on the way.

Not good WordPress. Still, my shite wireless isn’t your fault and I was able to sort it my re-uploading all the includes again.

Then, in order to compound my annoyance, WordPress have announced another upgrade. Today!

Sod it. I’m leaving it for a few weeks.

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