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Blimey. It’s been a while

This place has been a bit of a blogging wasteland for the last few months. I’ve been a little busy with real life, and once my last OU module finished I just couldn’t be bothered spending much time updating my blog.

So, what have I been doing with all this free time? Well, I have a wife and a daughter and I’ve been enjoying their company a little bit more than they’re used to. That’s good, right? Work has kept me occupied during the day and band is often busy around Christmas. We’ve also been on a most excellent holiday to Oregon (visiting friends) and Toronto (staying with my sister and her family) and that took up a month of my blogging hiatus.

In years gone by I would have regularly updated my blog with exciting photos and descriptions of my exploits. These days I’d rather just enjoy my holiday and spend time with my family.

I started a new OU module back in October – M257 Putting Java To Work – which involves me writing some code in Netbeans and getting very confused about syntax. I have not paid it enough attention so far and I really need to get my arse into gear before submitting my next assignment in March.

I am also starting another OU module next month – T306 Managing Complexity: a Systems Approach. This is the final presentation of this course and it’s the last of two systems practice modules that are the core of my chosen OU degree. There is an enormous amount of work involved in this and it’s going to have to take priority over my Java course. My next nine months are going to be very busy.

I shall be using my blog for my “learning album” for T306. This may make even more tedious than previously, but it does afford me the opportunity to categorise and tag my entries for easy retrieval, plus some of my T306 cohorts may come along and join in the discussion. I do hope to update with some none-OU stuff every now and again but I’m having to restrict my Internet time to study purposes these days, primarily, and I don’t have anything like as much time for faffing about. This grieves me greatly, but is probably good for me.

In other news, I still haven’t read the book about procrastination I got from my sister for my birthday in June. Sorry Sis.

I got a Grade 2 pass (2:1 equivalent) for T214. I can’t tell you how chuffing chuffed I was to get that! I even managed to somehow achieve 88% in the end of module assignment, something I am immensely proud of. My overall mark was affected by some poor performance in Block 2; if I hadn’t messed those two assignments up I may have been able to get a distinction, but my brain failed to absorb enough of the course materials and I did not do well for a month or so. No excuses, it was my own fault for not applying myself well enough. T214 was a hugely enjoyable course on the whole, but very hard for the most part and the hardest academic exercise I have ever taken. T306 takes similar subject material up to the next level, but I’m determined not to suffer the same lull in concentration.

We are all fine here. Life is good. I have an amazing family, and despite the enormous amount of study I have lined up I am looking forward to 2012. Hope everyone else out there in Internetland is well.

  1. Dave ? Dave ?? Is it really you ??

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Oregon, we went there in 1990 and have a permanent reminder as our son was born nine months later.

    All well here ; Al went to work in Abu Dhabi at the end of November, came back for a fortnight at Christmas and is back there now !

    Best to you and yours

  2. Hi Lol!

    What the heck is he doing in Abu Dhabi?

    Oregon is just gorgeous. I think I could quite happily live there, especially as it’s so scenic and they have no sales tax. An amazing part of America.

    Hope you’re both well, if apart. Adam too 🙂

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