Blame Canada

Hurrah for me. I have only one more day left at work then I’m off to visit my little sister in Sunny Canada. I’ll be heading off to Toronto courtesy of excellent holiday firm Canadian Affair on Saturday morning, so if you’re in the Gatwick area or under the flightpath then feel free to give me a wave.

I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them all – my sister and family came over to Leeds at Easter and I saw them then – but I’m going to have two whole weeks of quality family time on my little trip rather than the fleeting visits that I managed then. No doubt Julie will insist on taking me out and getting me rat-arsed like she did last time. I was very drunk at the time.

It’ll definately be warmer this time and I think I may catch some of this “Fall” that these North American cousins of ours keep harping on about. I’m taking my camera with me and I’m intending to blog about my trip fairly frequently.

I’ve just finished packing too. I’ve found my passport, got my Canadian dollars and have my flight information so I’m good to go. I’m taking my running gear too so that I can at least make an effort to get fit and my pocket trumpet has found it’s way into my rucksack in order for me to annoy everyone with my scale practice. I will keep my lip in!

Excited now!

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