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Bitter about Murphy(‘s)

Recently I’ve developed a hatred for green vans, especially those with “Murphy” written on the side. The bastards.

Beeston has had a long run of roadworks on behalf of Transco, the company that runs the country’s gas pipeworks. These works have meant that Beeston’s pathways and roads have been taken over by green vans, piles of building material and large holes. I have to navigate all this while walking to work.

These buggers have been digging holes around here for months now and it’s really getting on my tits. Everytime I walk down the road to work I have to avoid falling in one of the many holes they’ve left lying around, slipping on the muddy surface or generally getting run over by traffic because I have to cross the road due to a blocked path.

How long does it take to lay in a few pipes? How long am I going to have regularly clean all the mud off my shoes because these “essential works”? There are signs up saying “we apologise for any inconvenience” etc, but they’re not sorry at all.

Get a bloody move on you lazy bastards!

  1. If you practise really hard at crossing the road and walking, eventually you’ll be good enough at it to get to work safely.

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