Bill Hicks has me convinced

Even when I was a kid and had some semi-regular visits to Sunday School at our local church (United Reform you know – I’ve always been a non-conformist) I never really believed all that crap about Adam and Eve.

What? We all descended from one man and one woman? And she was made from one of his ribs? Really?

It’s a stupid idea but there are plenty of people that still think that this is literally true. Not so many in the UK, perhaps, but plenty in the States. Us so-called Church of England lot prefer to take our Old Testament with a pinch of salt. It’s all “metaphorical” you know.

Of course it is.

Anyway, a certain person of a Toxic mindset posted a video recently of a performance by the legendary Bill Hicks, and he says it much better than me.

[Careful – lots of extremely rude words]

Thanks Bill. I can hardly believe it’s been 15 years since his death but the world of comedy is much worse off without him in it. There was nobody quite like him.

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