Big Wok – Big Disappointment

I love Chinese food. Somehow our friends from the other side of the world have managed to improve our diet by the inclusion of their delicious culinary dishes.

One of my favourite ways of eating their lovely food is at a Chinese Buffet. Pay your money and eat as much as you can. This is what we tried to enjoy last night as Big Wok in Nottingham.

The only problem with that plan was – it was a bit crap.

You can’t knock the price. For £10 you can stuff your face as much as you like. It looks like a nice place and the people there were very friendly. The problems started when you sampled the food. It just wasn’t very good.

You normally expect these buffet places to have a bit of variation in quality, but compared to other Chinese buffet places in Nottingham this was pretty poor. Some of the curry dishes were just plain bad. Too much sauce and not enough meat, and what you could taste was not very good. The starters were very average – too sweet and overcooked. They also had a sushi bar, but only four things to choose from.

The chocolate fountain was quite nice, but by the time we ate our starters and main courses we were already pretty disappointed with our meal.

If you want to try a Chinese Buffet then visit the Flaming Dragon in the Cornerhouse. The food is much nicer and the service has been great every time we’ve been. Big Wok falls down in every department.

I have no idea why so many people seem to flock there on a Saturday night. We will not be bothering again.

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