Bible warning label

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI posted the image on the left onto a forum that I frequent last week, quite funny it is too, but I unfortunately hosted it myself rather than plonking it onto ImageShack first. Naturally some pillock posted the image onto more popular blog (Attu – Google for it if you’re brave. NSFW) thus spreading the link across a greatly increased number of people.

I had way over 50,000 hits on that 71k image and it’s caused an increase of my monthly bandwidth usage by nearly 4GB. I obviously can’t afford to maintain that throughput, so I’ve removed it from my hosting. Tough shit for those that were directly linking it to here – people really should learn to host images themselves if they’re going to reuse stuff like this – but if you really want to see the image you’ll have click on the thumbnail, or if the bandwidth exceeds there too you can find the page HERE.

The image isn’t mine. I found it via my work email and I have no idea of it’s origin, probably someone on the b3ta site or somewhere similar. It’s very funny though.

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