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Best none-number one

Radio Five Live have been having polls all week to try and discover which single the British public think was the best track ever to not make it to number one in the charts. Oasis have fallen by the wayside on the way along with a number of other good bands, however we’re now down to the final. The public have to vote for one of the following three tracks:

Robbie Williams – Angels
Ultravox – Vienna
The Beatles – Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields

Now, I’m not going to be voting myself (the phone is too far away) but I’m in a dilemma as to which track to give my support. I think that the Beatles double A-side should win it – both tracks are absolute classics – but the Ultravox song was my most favourite song from the 80s and Robbie’s tune was one of my faves from the 90s. Which one would I vote for if I wasn’t so lazy?

Well, my own personal favourite from those would be the Ultravox. It was criminal that it never made it to the top spot in the charts, especially when it was kept at number two by one of the biggest travesties of pop history – Joe Dolce with Suddupa Your Face. Twat.

I’ve often wondered how someone would arrange Vienna for Brass Band, but then I’ve always been a bit strange like that. I hear a good song and wonder how it would go with a Brass Arrangement. I’ve even considered Chop Suey my System of a Down as potential arrangement material. Yes, I know I’m sad.

  1. Cheers to the Beatles, and that would have been my pick. But it is tough to vote against Vienna, true classic as well.

    And, being someone who thinks brass or stringed arrangements supporting electric guitars and keyboards r0wks, I can say for certain you are not the only one who imagines it. 🙂

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