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Belle & Jerome

Belle & Jerome

Belle & Jerome, originally uploaded by rutty.


Today was the first time I’d ventured out of the house since a very short trip to the deli on Saturday. We were both feeling a bit rough but we needed to get our for some fresh air so we headed to our favourite café – Belle & Jerome in Beeston – for a cup of tea and a scone.

The walk was nice but I didn’t want anything to eat when I got there and I only drank half of my latté. I hate being ill enough to be put off my appetite – I love my food!

Belle & Jerome is a really nice place to eat. Their evening meals are exceptional quality at reasonable prices and they’ve always got some nice cake or biscuits to eat alongside an afternoon cup of tea or coffee. Why go to one of the many chain equivalents when you can support and independent retailer like this eh? We’d much rather go here than to the Costa Coffee a few doors down

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