Blogging the year 2016 General Chunterings


Anyone that knows me understands my view of beer; life is too short to be drinking shitty, tasteless toss. I much prefer to spend a little bit more money on the good stuff.

I don’t mind the style, country of origin or its ABV – if it’s good, I’ll drink it.

So, I was chuffed to bits to receive a rather magnificent box of real ales for Christmas. My Mum (with help from my lovely sis) chose this fantastic selection of British real ales for my Chrimble gift. There’s not a bad choice amongst them. Everything in there has been utterly delicious. One early favourite was this Camden Pale Ale.

flickr photo shared by rutty under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-SA ) license

Other favourite along the way were the always delicious Oakham Citra (a personal fave) and Jaipur (one of the loveliest beers on the market). Tonight’s beer has been a lovely St Austell Proper Job, which is probably the tastiest Cornish Ale I’ve had.

If anyone was wondering what to get me as a gift at any point, then good beer is always a great option. Thanks Mum!

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