Beanz meanz fartz

FfffrrrrrtttttI spent rather a long time preparing my tea last night, but it was well worth it in the end. I’d decided that I was going to try something like a bean casserole, so I bought myself some chick peas, haricot beans and red kidney beans.

I got the ones where you had to soak them first, so I did that the night before. I cooked those up, added some lentils halfway through and steamed some vegetables as a side dish. At the same time I also put some couscous on to cook – surprisingly easy to make as it happens – plus fried some onions and garlic and opened a tin of sweetcorn.

I mixed the beans, onions, sweetcorn, garlic and some chopped cherry tomatoes together, then mixed in some chilli paste and a tin of tuna. It was evens still hot when I ate it, even though it seemed to take an age to prepare.

It was delicious! There was som much left that I think I’ll be eating it all weekend. Made me fart a lot today though…

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