Much to my dismay, I came home from work last night to find that my house had been broken into. The back door had been prised open and the thieves had made off with some of our stuff.

Thankfully they didn’t steal too much or cause any damage, but the thought that some twats have been in our house and been through our stuff really makes me angry. They stole my lovel Olympus IR300 digital camera (though the idiots left the cradle, thus making the camera pretty useless) and both of my housemates’ laptops.

The stupid pillocks left a few other items that you’d have thought they’d have taken, but I’m rather pleased that my iRiver was still there and that my PC is still in place.

We’ve now reinforced the back door with extra bolts and I’m going to get one of those mobile alarms and stick it on the glass.

The police came round quite promptly and given us some advice and an ultraviolet pen to write our postcode on and stuff. I don’t think they’ll catch the bastards but at least they have our details and there’s a small chance that they can recover our stuff.

I’m normally not a violent person but just the thought that someone has violated our space really makes me want to punch them in the face. The police said that it’s probably just some 16/17 year-old trying his arm, and they’re probably right. Still, we were lucky that they didn’t take more stuff and at least they didn’t break anything.

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