Balloon joke

Once upon a time, there were three balloons – Daddy Balloon, Mummy Balloon and Baby Balloon. When Baby Balloon was very young he used to share a bed with Daddy and Mummy Balloon. When Baby Balloon got a bit older, Daddy and Mummy Balloon decided that he should have a bed of his own. In the middle of the first night that Baby Balloon had his own bed, he woke up and felt lonely, so he crept into Daddy and Mummy Balloon’s bedroom. Unfortunately, Daddy and Mummy Balloon were sleeping very close together and there was no room for Baby Balloon to sleep between them. So he let out a bit of air from Daddy Balloon, a little from Mummy Balloon and a little from himself. He was then able to squeeze between Mummy and Daddy, and went to sleep.

Next morning, Daddy Balloon woke up, and saw what had happened. He was angry. He said to Baby Balloon:

“This isn’t good enough, and has got to stop. You’ve let me down, you’ve let Mummy down, and worst of all, you’ve let yourself down”!

Stolen from tMP

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