Bad Uncle Davey

I’m such a bad, bad Uncle.

We were down at the farm this morning having a nice time looking at pigs, sheep and cows. H was a little whingy today but J was doing a good job of sleeping all day in one of those backpack things that you can put your kids in.

Anyway, we stopped briefly to have a drink and eat some really nice, fresh cookies from the Farm’s little cafe. While my sister was taking H to do something unspeakable in the washroom I was left looking after J. Like a good Uncle I sat her down while I tried packing everything back into our rucksack. Unfortunately, like a bad Uncle I didn’t notice her trying to get down on her own.

It’s amazing how fast these young kids can move when you’re not watching momentarily. She landed flat on her face and has now got a lovely graze down her left cheek so that everyone can see how neglected by me she was. She cried a bit, but she’s a little trooper and didn’t cause much of a fuss. Unlike her sister, but that’s another story. This all confirms my unsuitablility to have children, especially considering that I head-butted J last year!

In other news, I still have a bad throat and I don’t have much of an appetite. I suspect that I may end up with a full-on cold but so far it’s kept away. I do feel a little better today, so we’ll see.

Tonight we head off to The Mandarin, a nice little Chinese restaurant that has an exceptional buffet so I’m led to believe. Looking forward to it, even if I don’t currently feel to hungry.

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