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After our disappointing 4th (and last) position at the Leicester contest last week, my band Carlton Brass had a much better result at Leamington Spa yesterday. We came 1st with our earnest rendition of Eric Ball’s Sinfonietta – The Wayfarer.

We had a much better write-up from the adjudicator this time, Derek Broadbent, who seemed to like our performance a lot better than the guy at Leicester, even though our interpretation was pretty much the same. This is the what pre-empts the phrase “that’s contesting” in that it’s all down to the man in the box. One week you win, another you come right down the order with similar performances or it can seem that way sometimes.

The unfortunate thing about yesterday’s win was the fact that there were only two bands in the second section. Thankfully both bands played really well, so well done for Stourport for playing so well in their performance of Laudate Dominum. Hopefully there’ll be more bands next year, though as Stourport have been promoted to the first section I really hope some other bands sign up!

I also played with Ibstock Brick Brass in the first section who played Lorenzo, the same piece as Pontins. They played much better than at Pontins and came a creditable 5th out of 9 (I think). I was already heading back for my tea when the results were announce there so I’m not too sure.

I love playing at these Contests. It’s a real challenge to play some of these pieces and it’s always good to make some music in front of an audience.

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