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I’m currently having a few problems with my admin backend (not a euphemism) caused by my preferred theme. Something broke along the way to WordPress 2.8.2 and it’s the Woothemes-written theme that’s causing some problems on the create post page.

I can’t add tags or upload media, so I’ve decided to roll back to a previous theme for the time being.

Is it just me or is my use of the English language completely messed up in this post? That’s clearly a product of lack of sleep rather than any programming issues…

  1. Only problems I had with the admin was when I was using a zipped version of that piece of bloat prototype.

    I use plugins for tags and media so couldn’t say about them but you are getting gzinflate() errors in the right column.

  2. The gzinflate() errors were caused by some problem between my widget and http.php in the WordPress includes. Found a replacement file and all is now fine.

    I’m slightly annoyed at the theme buggering up my admin page. I’m not sure how that’s even possible (SarahG tells me that there’s some mojo in functions.php that theme writers can use) but I can’t really complain, considering I’m a WordPress Freetard 😉

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