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Tonight was my first band rehearsal for about a month or so. I’d missed it actually, there’s something very satisfying about making music as a group and playing by yourself really isn’t the same. I think most of the band were still getting over Christmas and the New Year (if some of the strange noises were to indicate anything) but we had a pretty good blow.

We’ll have to start getting into gear very soon though. We have a contest in two weeks in Skegness followed by another one (different piece too) a couple of weeks after that. I’m glad that I spent a little time rehearsing these pieces while I was in Canada, not that I spent anything like as much time doing that as I’d intended.

My mum doesn’t know this yet, but I’ll be taking my cornet with me when I visit this weekend so that I can continue getting my lip back in. With the contest so close I need the practice!

We have a good band and we’ll do fairly well hopefully.

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