Back in the UK

I have returned!

Did you even notice that I’d gone anywhere? Well, we have just been on a fabulous week-long holiday in that most beautiful of Mediterranean islands: Cyprus.

We have a friend who owns a villa near Coral Bay and so we availed ourselves of this rather lovely holiday home and spent a week relaxing and enjoying the (usually) nice weather. It wasn’t too hot (about 17, 18 degrees C or so) and it only rained for two days out of seven. An improvement over the UK weather I’m sure you’ll agree.

There were gorgeous blue/green seas, mountains, moufflon and a short trip into Turkish-controlled Northern Cyprus.

We had a fantastic time over there and we can’t wait to go back.

I’m going to be blogging each day over the next day or so and I’ll retro-post them on the relevant day. There are going to be pictures. This will be probably less painful than if I came around to your house with a slide show.

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