Baby-related thoughts

Our baby is due mid-September and we’ve been looking at prams and carseats for the little tyke. These things cost a bloody fortune  and just browsing through the various systems on display in Mamas and Papas offends my Yorkshire sensibilities.

However, I’ve had an epiphany.

These carseats don’t last ten minutes. Babies grow and before you know it you need a bigger carseat, then boosters. The expense just builds up and up. There has to be a better way.


Velcro could be my saviour. I reckon I could just buy a few strips of that stuff and attach it to the upholstery in our car in some fashion. Then all I would have to do is modify a few baby outfits to attach Baby Rutt to the aforementioned upholstery. It’s an ingenious system, I think. As Baby Rutt grows into Toddler Rutt we will just need to attach some more Velcro to newer outfits and away we go.

I’ve not seen a system like that in Mothercare but I bet it’s possible. It’s certainly worth giving it a try.

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