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Awkward bugger, like daddy

Jo and I visited the Queens Medical Centre this afternoon for our 20 week scan. We’re actually at 22 weeks (over half way there!) and were looking forward to finding out the sex of our developing bundle of joy.

Unfortunately, Baby Rutt wasn’t playing ball. He (or she) was too busy sleeping with his (or her) back to us and the sonographer couldn’t see the heart, liver or kidneys. Worse, his/her bits were invisible due to some crossed legs.

So, we have revisit the QMC on Friday to have another go.

Other than that, though, everything seems to be looking OK. They were fairly sure that our baby doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome (a worry when we’re both in our late 30s) and there were two arms and two legs and some nice-looking bones. The spine looked particularly impressive.

Hopefully we’ll see more in a couple of days. Our current scan photo isn’t very good so perhaps we’ll get a better one that, which I’ll stick up on here.

Some good news though – everything is proceeding to plan so far.

  1. Good to hear all is going well – pregnancy can be a real nightmare, particularly if you have to undergo amniocentesis for whatever reason. Was this baby a Christmas gift to Jo as you were too late to buy her anything ? 😉

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