(5/366/2020) My hunt for abstracts continues. I generally need better light. My iPhone 8+ has a pretty good camera but it does get a bit grainy when light is low. I’ve noticed this with earlier images in this project: it’s especially obvious when I use macro mode in Camera+ I spotted this while getting my…… Continue reading Drawer


(4/366/2020) Found some wooden stick things in a craft shop. I liked the pattern they made in their storage cup. The lady in the shop looked at me as if I was a bit daft. She’s not far wrong https://flic.kr/p/2i9Za9A Sticks

White Lines

(2/366/2020)  Day 2 and I’m already finding abstracts hard to come by! I do need more practice.  This sink presented itself later in the day and I loved the way the shadows worked with the bright white porcelain. https://flic.kr/p/2i982sZ White Lines

2020 already?


Back at the beginning of last year I said something or other about writing more in 2019. I was just chock-full of enthusiasm about it too. Maybe. I wrote four posts, including that one. It’s difficult to argue that this was anywhere near the definition of ‘write more’, however I find myself starting another year…… Continue reading 2020 already?

Never Grow Up

Parenting is difficult, isn’t it? You become responsible for an actual juvenile human and have the privilege of guiding them towards adulthood. This is a protracted experience for all involved, and while there are some painful points along the way I have experienced more joy in these last ten years than I ever hoped for.…… Continue reading Never Grow Up


Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag - Fraternity [Thierre Deleruyelle] - NM 2017

I love brass band music. Not quite as much as Metal, but there are certain pieces that really create an emotional response that Metal cannot normally get anywhere near. One of these pieces is the incredibly descriptive music within Fraternity, a test piece (composed by Thierre Deleruyelle) that stirs the emotions like few others. It’s…… Continue reading Fraternity

I <3 Toronto

2018 finished in style for us with a two week trip to visit my family in Toronto. I’ve always loved this city and have visited six times now: mostly because my sister, nieces and mum live there these days, but also because it’s a fabulously vibrant city. It’s fair to say that it is a…… Continue reading I <3 Toronto

Happy New Year!

It is 2019 already. So soon after 2018 too. These years are following on from each other more quickly each year. Last year was a pretty traumatic time for the folks of planet Earth, with a huge amount of drama around. The political sphere was particularly turbulent with Trump and Brexit providing a whole load…… Continue reading Happy New Year!

Adding shade with Apollo


I have recently installed a new iOS image editing app called Apollo: Immersive Illumination. It enables you to add in extra lighting onto your photos using the depth information that Apple creates in Portrait mode images. It’s a remarkably simple concept but is a little fiddly to get right. You can add multiple light sources…… Continue reading Adding shade with Apollo