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2020 Year in Pictures Photos and stuff


(7/365/2020) I’m not going to lie: I’m finding abstracts hard to come by. I’m going to have to extend this year’s theme into other things, such as textures and shapes – things that aren’t exactly abstract but might be interesting in themselves. I’ve always liked these stairs, especially the angles

General Chunterings

Never Grow Up

Parenting is difficult, isn’t it? You become responsible for an actual juvenile human and have the privilege of guiding them towards adulthood. This is a protracted experience for all involved, and while there are some painful points along the way I have experienced more joy in these last ten years

Musical Notes


I love brass band music. Not quite as much as Metal, but there are certain pieces that really create an emotional response that Metal cannot normally get anywhere near. One of these pieces is the incredibly descriptive music within Fraternity, a test piece (composed by Thierre Deleruyelle) that stirs the