Author: rutty

  • Thank you British Gas

    I see a lot of customer complaints bandied about, so I thought I’d let my hundreds of readers know about some good service that we’ve had recently. Our boiler went kaput on Monday Night – it blew a fuse in the isolator panel, and also a fuse on the main board of the boiler. We […]

  • Dopey Bugger

    I’ve been suffering lately from Dozey Shit Syndrome. Yesterday, after making some sandwiches for my lunch, I put the plate on the couch while I turned the TV on. I had a newspaper on the coffee table and I was kind of reading something from that while I cleverly positioned my arse on top my […]

  • Charmed Times Four

    I think that I’m wrong in the head. I actually sat down and watched the Living TV Charmed catch-up this afternoon, that’s four episodes of the supernatural “drama” all in a row. And get this – I actually enjoyed it! I know it’s cheesy, the girls can’t really act, the effects are pretty lame, the […]

  • Kernel Panic

    Some of you may have read about my attempts at upgrading my PC. Well, having tried to flash my BIOS I’d eventually got the HD to at least be recognised as being there by stopping the head from spinning by using the jumper settings. Little did I know that this would have consequences for my […]

  • Penis plant

    The internet is full of pictures of rude-looking plants and vegetables, so it only seems fitting that I should join in with the “fun”! Behold – the penis-shaped cactus! This is my sister’s plant – purchased some time ago without the little testicles. It has now decided to grow some gonads in an effort to […]

  • See my shiny car!

    After piquing your interest with my previous post, here’s a picture of my nice, shiny car after I’d spent ages cleaning and polishing it. As you can see, it’s nice and red. Stalkers may note that I live in a house with a blue garage door, and that I own a Red Fiat Bravo. It’s […]

  • My car is shiny

    I’ve just spent two hours cleaning and polishing my car. Now it’s nice and shiny, and my fingers don’t work properly I need to get one of those stone-chip repair kits. Our local council has decided that a 1mm coating of small stones is sufficient covering for one of the roads leading up to our […]

  • Angel season 4 – coda

    Well, Angel finished season 4 last night. The best thing about this series, and anything created by Joss Whedon for that matter, is that anything can happen, and the less likely it is to happen, the more likely that Joss will do it. So last nights episode was unsurprising in it’s surprises, if you see […]

  • Tardis Tennis

    Anyone for tennis? The BBC have very kindly treated us to a funny little flash tennis game on there Sports pages. You can play as Queen Victoria, John Lennon or Shakespeare over a two game match. Try it HERE – worth it for a bit of a laugh 😉

  • My desktop – work

    OK, in order to test images on this site, here’s my work desktop: Hmmmm….beer! It’s a photo taken by Dotdragnet admin bod Tempra, who was having a crafty pint of Stella in his garden while the sun was going down. The setting sun is brilliantly captured at the bottom of the glass. Hmmmm…. now I’m […]

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    Guess where I was last night then? Oh alright, I’ll tell you. I was sat in the UCI cinema in Derby with my misses watching the new Matrix film, along with a packed audience and large quantities of popcorn. First impressions were pretty good – the film opens with Trinity in her shiny black outfit, […]