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Austin Aitken, you’re an arse.

Check out this chancer who’s attempting to sue the makers of TV “reality” show Fear Factor because he was so appalled by their program that he got dizzy and banged his head.

Apparently, he was “disgusted by watching contestants eat dead rats” and this caused “his blood pressure to rise so high that he became dizzy and light-headed” thus banging his head on a doorway. He’s presented a hand-written lawsuit (a whole four pages long) suing the makers for $2.5 Million!

Now, if I sued every program that I was appalled by then I’d be owed billions by numerous stations, however considering how shite US TV is I don’t think he’s actually got much of a case. Most US programs are pretty nauseating – deal with it!

  1. Its called Fear Factor, not Fear Factory. You would think that this idiot legal assistant would have some idea from the title that he wouldn’t want to watch it…

  2. You’re right sis. Fear Factory are in fact a Cyber Metal beat combo of the loud kind rather than an exploitative reality TV program that make stupid people do stupid things 😉


  3. Hi David, long time!

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