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Aussies are big girls

I read with much interest a story on the BBC website that shows that the Australian cricket team are a big bunch of pussies. Apparently, they’re ensconced in an expensive hotel somewhere that is rumoured to be haunted. Some of the team, especially that big girl Shane Watson, have been scared by the stories and also by some unexplained phenomenon during their stay.

I was especially amused by the photos in today’s Sun newspaper that showed Darren “Dazzler” Gough taunting young Mr Watson with his best ghost impression. Sadly, the tactics didn’t quite work out and England lost. The Aussies are still big girls’ blouses though.

It should be an interesting Ashes series coming up this summer.

  1. One of the world’s greatest ever bowlers has a hair-loss ad? He’s joined in with Gooch and co has he? How the mighty have fallen.

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