Attenborough Nature Reserve

Attenborough Nature Reserve

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Bloody hell, how lovely was the weather this afternoon eh?

I’d seen the weather forecast before hand and I’d figured that it’d be a good idea to lump my camera to work with me so that I could take some pictures of Beeston Marina.

Well, I took a few of there and decided to continue my walk along the Trent. I’d not walked this far down before and i noticed a sign pointing towards Attenborough Nature Reserve so figured that I might as well go for a walk down there too. I’d known it was there (it backs onto where I work) but I’d never been.

It’s lovely! The weather definitely helped but the walk through there is very peaceful and great for photos. Click on the image on the right to see what I’ve taken. My card on my camera happened to fill up while I was there so I’ve not taken too many. Yet! I still have a lot of the Reserve to walk around and I might just go back tomorrow and see what I can see.

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