Attenborough Nature Reserve (redux)

Attenborough Nature Reserve

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My feet hurt.

The weather was so nice again yesterday that I just had to go back to Attenborough and take some more photos. Well, two and a half hours later I arrive back at home, exhausted and with aching feet.

It’s a long way around there and I wasn’t wearing the most comfortable walking shoes. Oh well, I think I’ve captured some nice pictures and it’s great to get out and about when the weather’s nice. Let’s face it, we might not get too many days like this during the summer.

If you want to visit here youself you don’t need to tramp all over to see lots of wildlife. There’s a small centre in the middle that serves drinks and gifts and lots of swans, geese and ducks congregate there. There’s a carpark for there too – deposit your vehicle there and go for a walk. It’s lovely!

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