Are you sure this is good for you?


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So, I’m getting old. I’m a couple of years or so away from 40 – 40! – and I’m starting to feel my age. My old body can hardly cope with hauling itself about these days and so I’ve decided to do something about it.

A friend at work is more exercise-aware than me and was keen to go for a run last night, so we headed around Attenborough Nature reserve. It’s a great place for a run, apart from the bloody insects, and I think we did about 3 miles all-in. About 27 minutes worth of running anyway.

Still, I could feel my legs complaining most of the way round. My lungs too. If they could speak they’d be saying: “what the hell are you doing?!”

I took this photo when I got back in the office, before I went for a shower. It’s funny, I don’t produce much sweat but I do go red. Not quite as red as this – I may have modified the levels, contrast and saturation a tad ;¬)

Going again tomorrow. Might even try eating some fruit too!

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