Are we phalluses? (via Why Evolution Is True)

Some interesting comments surrounding Phil Plait’s “Don’t be a dick” speech at TAM8.

I think he’s got a point – you’re not going to win many converts by being obsessively rude – but his whole premise is weakened by a complete lack of examples of such behaviour.

I finally got a chance to watch Phil Plait's "Don't be a dick" speech from The Amazing Meeting #8, which he's put online at Bad Astronomy.  Plait has a further post in which he links to the diverse reactions to the talk that appeared in the blogosphere, and a final post in which he reiterates all the support he got for his talk. As you may know, Plait's theme was one of civility.  He argues that skeptics and atheists must be respectful and civil … Read More

via Why Evolution Is True

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