I’ve just spent the Easter weekend at my mum’s. Bless my old Stepdad, but he’s clueless about internet things, and with my sister living in Canada he’s keen to get a webcam working so we can wave at here amd my little niece (plus new baby when it arrives soon).

It came down to me trying to sort out his internet connection then. Unfortunately PC World sold him what looks like an ADSL filter to connect his modem to the phone line, which had a catastrophic effect on download speed. How it worked at all is beyond me, but downloading files was painful, at a snail’s pace 300k/s. I eventually found that problem, and then discovered he wanted to try AOL – he had an AOL 8 CD from next door.

So, I installed it for him. It went on OK (though the first attempt died due to my unfamiliarity with Norton Security and ended up blocking AOL from the internet!) and the sign-up was painless. He gets a month to try it for free, then pays £15.99 a month after that; not cheap but then you are getting a family-friendly experience with AOL.

I found the whole screen to be a bit confusing – there’s so much information there – but there’s everything that he needs on the screen and it should be fairly easy for him to get to grips with it. It’s not for me, I don’t need my hand holding on the interweb, but I think once he gets to grips with it, he’ll find it a positive experience.

Maybe AOL isn’t so bad after all….

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