Anyone for a drywall party?

I got an email from some guy called Frank J Williams yesterday. It was very strange – the subject line just said “Paul Canj”:


Paul reminded me a couple of days ago that he mentioned having a
gathering at his house sometime in October. He then called me back (I
think after visiting with Mary Kim) and told me that they weren’t
prepared to have an assembly activity at their house—he thought it
would be too much for them to handle. It was during this call that he
asked about having a sheet rock party on a Saturday.

You jogged my memory regarding visiting about this. We could have a
gathering at a park down there on a Sunday and the guys could go and
help Paul with drywall. I would prefer to have a drywall party on a
Saturday where those who want to could go and help rather than obligate
everyone on a Sunday.

My reservations are that we have been down several times to help Paul
on his house. He enters in when people are there, but his follow up is
lacking. He has taken time off where he hasn’t worked on the house (He
had several weeks off in between jobs and opted to take the family to
Mexico), he received inheritance money that he used to live on when he
was out of work and during that time spent little effort on his house.
The bottom line is that for some reason finishing his house hasn’t been
a priority for Paul, and his family has paid the price (Mary Kim has
expressed anxiety and frustration several times to Janice about this).

There is a lot of water under the bridge here. The first time I went
down to help Paul on his house was the spring of 2003. That’s over four
years ago! How long does it take? Add to that the many times have we
counseled Paul where he has done his own thing. Paul has a job where he
is making a steady income. He has very little overhead that I know of.
Given the history here I think we should encourage Paul to take out a
little loan (if he has to) and get his family into that house ASAP. It
would be a good gesture to Mary Kim (who has been VERY patient) and
also to the rest of the family. This is where I am at this time.

In Christ,


PS: I didn’t send this to the rest of the guys because I don’t know
how much information they are aware of, and am concerned about private
information getting out. If you feel that they should be more informed
forward this on to the rest of them. Thanks!

Now, I don’t know anyone called Paul Canj. I have no idea who Frank J Williams is, not Mary Kim (bless her for her patience) nor anyone that needs drywalling. I don’t even know what drywalling is and I’m pretty sure that this supposed “rock party” wouldn’t involve lots of beer and Metallica blasting out of the stereo.

It matters not. Paul can do his own bloody drywalling, the lazy bastard.

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