Ankyloproctia and other great words

Some people might say that I’m a tight-arsed Yorkshireman. Well, I am a Yorkshireman and people from Yorkshire are often labelled as such. Naturally, my generosity far exceeds such stereotyping (no, really) but don’t you think that “tight-arse” is a bit old?

How about using the word “Ankyloproctia” instead? That’s a much more interesting word and means much the same thing.

I know this because of the lovely people over at Neatorama who have a very informative post up about insulting words:

There is a crisis of insults on the Web. On one hand, the volume of flames is very high yet the quality is poor. Gone are the days of the razor-sharp wit of Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill*, only to be replaced by a string of four letter words typed in ALL CAPS by n00bs (the latest of which is “FAIL”, itself a failure of coming up with a more scathing insult, if you think about it).

*For example:

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go,” says Oscar Wilde.

George Bernard Shaw wrote to Winston Churchill, “I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend….if you have one.” And Churchill wrote back, “Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second……if there is one

Well, it’s hard to teach wit – but all of us can learn the next best thing: the approximation of it by obfuscation, i.e. using big, difficult, and obscure words. So, to do our part in improving the quality of insults on teh Interweb, Neatorama has come up with a list of 10 Insulting Words You Should Know:

I’m going to go out and call someone a “Ninnyhammer” right now.

(Found initially via the ever-excellent pharmacutically-inclined ramblings of Terra Sigillata. Cheers!)

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