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Anglo Scotian Mills

Slopey red kitchen

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A very strange thing happened to me a few days ago. I got an email from a guy called Dan Walker thanking me for an article I’d written about the gorgeous development at Anglo Scotian Mills, an old lace mill in Beeston. They’d found my site through Google and really liked the photos I’d taken of the building.

It’s great when people enjoy your photos, especially when you’re a rank amateur like me, so it was especially pleasing when Dan asked me if I’d like to come and take some photos of their Marketing Suite. Of course, I accepted!

So I went round there tonight after work. It’s an impressive layout. It’s kind of a show-home arrangement with two bedrooms and two kitchens, a couple of bathrooms and some living areas decorated very stylishly. I spent a little while wandering around drooling over the quality of the stuff they’ve installed. They even have built-in multimedia ports, so that you can pipe around sound or vision, even the internet, into every corner of your house. They had speakers in the bathroom! I very nearly wet myself.

If I could afford it I would love to live in here, though all the apartments in the main building have already been taken. I’d have to look at phase two, which I think is a new build but in keeping with the style of the old Mill.

It seems that some of the photos have suffered a bit when I rotated them on my PC. I might have to go back and re-crop them – it seems that a sliver of the left of all the rotated images has appeared on the right side of them – very odd! You can see my photos HERE if you’re interested.

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